Cradle to Cradle

Sustainable and resource-saving production with the cradle-to-cradle principle

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In the light of increasingly scarcer and more expensive raw resources the willingness to changeover to sustainable and resource-saving production is growing in many companies. In this context a pioneering approach that is already realized in many international companies is the concept of cradle to cradle (C2C) from Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart the founder and director of the consulting institute EPEA.

The C2C approach is an entrepreneurial concept of innovation that redefines quality for the environment, economy and society. It is about effective solutions for a company footprint based on the following principles:

In the C2C-approach these principles should be integrated in the company’s philosophy, the structures and procedures and finally in the products themselves.

If a company produces a C2C-certified product, like i.e. Puma’s InCycle, it has ensured that all toxic, health- and environmental harmful materials have been eliminated from the manufacturing process and were replaced by safe materials. If all product materials are safe and therefore not regulated by law, then all safety and material storage requirements cease to apply as well as the time needed for appropriate training and associated costs. Furthermore, all materials can be recycled or composted – the waste-free product has been achieved. So i.e. PUMA has only used 26 non-toxic substances for its C2C-sneakers instead of the previous approx. 360 individual chemical substances.

Important benefits for the companies are:

Legal certainty


Our important services in the industry sector are environmental due diligence, contaminated sites, demolition, risk analyses, compliance as well as cradle 2 cradle.

Real estate

Evaluation and development of real estate through analysis of aerial photographs, location evaluation, contaminated site management as well as the detection and removal of building pollutants.


As publicly appointed and sworn expert and/or soil protection experts we will assist you as private expert and in court.


We help our customers with the implementation of research projects, promote the development of innovative tools and supervise Bachelor- and Master theses.

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