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The location is not everything, but without the suitable location an object cannot develop successfully or is confronted with unexpected expenses and liability.

In our high-tech world with rapid decision making it seems that no time or need exists for a reliable choice of location. Often investors are fixed to predetermined locations that were already sub-optimally selected by the allocating communities or established inadequately in terms of the planning laws. Or a strategic decision under competitive pressure does not allow adequate evaluation. For this reason success-relevant conflicts with the neighbourhood and nature are inevitable.

In addition, a look at today’s real estate- and industrial objects reveal that they are significantly subject to negative changes in the course of time. If the new construction can economically exploit the full usability of the object, with time already use restrictions and the first official requirements appear due to the advancement sensitive use. Thereby, grandfathering is only helpful to a certain extent. At the latest, when business expansions or production modifications are no longer approved by the technical authorities, one recognizes the shrinking profitability of the location. The economic end comes through expensive official requirements, neighbourhood complaints or repeated effects of natural hazards (flooding, landslides etc.).

The proven and technically secure auditing system of Envi Experts protects our customers for location risks and points out economic solutions for impacted objects.

Real estate due diligence

Our space auditing concept applies for the examination of your property. It identifies for you the strengths and weaknesses of your desirable property. Moreover, it also involves already existing buildings and existing infrastructure.

Important audit issues are i.e.:

Technical Due Diligence

The goal of the technical due diligence (TDD) is the assessment of the technical condition of the facilities and buildings, in particular the evaluation of maintenance, need of repair and modernization potential. In addition it is evaluated, whether previous or planned investment expenditures relate to the actual technical condition.

The TDD can be supplemented with a building pollutant investigation. In the past decades harmful building materials were used, like i.e. asbestos, PAH-containing roofing felt or PCB-containing gaskets and paints. These materials must be identified prior to building modifications, replaced specifically and disposed of cost-effectively.


Our important services in the industry sector are environmental due diligence, contaminated sites, demolition, risk analyses, compliance as well as cradle 2 cradle.

Real estate

Evaluation and development of real estate through analysis of aerial photographs, location evaluation, contaminated site management as well as the detection and removal of building pollutants.


As publicly appointed and sworn expert and/or soil protection experts we will assist you as private expert and in court.


We help our customers with the implementation of research projects, promote the development of innovative tools and supervise Bachelor- and Master theses.

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