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Our expert core competence targets all environmental issues concerning financial viability, insurability or the legally compliant operation of facilities. Our experience with biomass plants date back to 2002. Therefore, we have an excellent overview of the overall development and in particular the critical success criteria of such facilities. But also damage management and business restructuring as well as the representation as expert by court proceedings belong to our field of activity.

We apply our operational and environmental scientific experience by location planning and approval procedures for facilities, substrate supply or the observance of environmental legal requirements.

One of our areas of focus is the biogas sector. Biogas facilities are complex systems that need to be controlled scientifically, technically, legally and organizationally, in order to be successful. Read the publication concerning this “EIPPER, C. (2006): Environmental aspects biogas facilities” (PDF: 205 kB). Our interdisciplinary approach is designed accordingly.

For plant operators, investors, financiers or insurers we examine the following risk situations:

We are happy to support you as facility operator by the managing of critical environmental effects with public impact, like odor and noise problems or accidents that may affect the reputation and existence of your business.


Our important services in the industry sector are environmental due diligence, contaminated sites, demolition, risk analyses, compliance as well as cradle 2 cradle.

Real estate

Evaluation and development of real estate through analysis of aerial photographs, location evaluation, contaminated site management as well as the detection and removal of building pollutants.


As publicly appointed and sworn expert and/or soil protection experts we will assist you as private expert and in court.


We help our customers with the implementation of research projects, promote the development of innovative tools and supervise Bachelor- and Master theses.

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